Alistair Griffin’s Unforgettable Encounter with Sir Paul McCartney

Alistair Griffin’s Unforgettable Encounter with Sir Paul McCartney: A Prelude to the Candlelit Beatles Show

In a delightful throwback, Alistair Griffin, singer and songwriter, revisits a remarkable moment from his past that continues to resonate in his musical journey. As he prepares to grace York with the enchanting “Candlelit Beatles” show alongside the Ebor String Quartet, Griffin’s story adds a touch of magic to the upcoming event.

Rewind the clock to the early 2000s, and Alistair Griffin found himself in the spotlight as a contestant on the widely popular BBC show “Fame Academy.” Amidst the whirlwind of talent and challenges, Griffin’s path crossed with none other than the legendary Sir Paul McCartney.

Meeting an Icon

Griffin’s journey on “Fame Academy” reached a crescendo during the show’s final, where he had the honor of singing the iconic Beatles song “Let It Be.” It was a moment that not only showcased his vocal prowess but also provided a connection to the very roots of his musical inspiration. He ended up as runner up on the show but was lucky enough to have another music legend in BeeGee Robin Gibb take him under his wing. It was another few months before he would meet his Beatles hero at a Fame Academy benefit event for young musicians. 

Alistair remembers the meeting with Sir Paul, “Of course he was mobbed by everyone there but he was very gracious and took his time. When my turn came I was about as star struck as I’ve ever been, but I managed a few words and he asked me about being on the show. Like Robin, he said he would have found it hard with the cameras. It was quite something to meet one of the Beatles. To me they shaped so much of the music we have now. They covered more ground in the time they were together than any other band since. It’s a pleasure to just sit and play those songs.”

From the TV Stage to the Candlelit Stage

Fast forward to the present day, and Alistair Griffin stands on the verge of another musical adventure in York. The upcoming “Candlelit Beatles” show, a collaboration with the Ebor String Quartet, promises to be a night of harmonious nostalgia and melodic innovation.

The Ebor String Quartet’s reimagined renditions of timeless Beatles classics, combined with Griffin’s evocative vocals, are set to transport audiences to an era of musical brilliance. The union of classical strings and beloved rock melodies will be a testament to the enduring magic of the Beatles’ legacy

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